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From the start of the project all the way to the final installation of your solar system, Oregon Solar Group offers our homeowners easy turn-key solutions. Through our experienced engineers, Oregon Solar Group has help reduce our client’s electricity bills by thousands of dollars. With our in-depth energy-efficiency analysis and professional solar designs, Oregon Solar offers the most professional service in Portland.


Our team consists of some of the top engineers and construction professionals in the industry. In addition to servicing residential properties, Oregon Solar Group also offers full-service solar installation services to commercial properties. With our extensive experience in working on large commercial projects, Oregon Solar Group has the knowledge necessary to handle the engineering demands that a commercial property requires. When it comes to commercial solar, not all companies have the skills necessary to properly service the commercial sector.

During your consultation, we will provide you with-in depth energy bill evaluation along with any recommendations that are necessary. Without these tools, your solar system will not function at its highest potential.

The main electrical breaker panel in your home has a substantial impact on the installation of your system. The breaker panel’s main function is to distribute and supply electricity from the solar system to the main circuit breakers, thus powering the various parts of the home. Based on the year the home was built, there will be different types of electrical boxes and fuse bus in the electrical panel.

The amperage in the electrical panels varies depending on many different factors such as square footage, and the year the home was built.

In some situations, the main electrical panel will need to be upgraded so that it can handle the energy load from the solar system. During this process, we will look at the bus bar rating and look at the location the energy is fed into the main breaker of the panel. At this time, Solar Systems are not compatible with centrally located breakers, so your panel may have to be downsized to 150 amps. We will perform the main panel upgrade if the amp requirements are greater than 150 amps so that it can handle the amp load for your solar installation.

If we install a solar system that is 4.5 kilowatts or less with a 100-amp panel, the panel would have to be downsized. In this case, Oregon Solar Group will replace your panel with a new, more compact breaker to handle the solar generated energy.

Prior to the install, it is recommended to check the label sticker on the electric panel to see it’s amperage rating. With systems larger than 10 kilowatts, we will have to replace of update the main breaker.

Here’s what’s included in your Main electrical panel upgrade:

The Main Panel

Repair Your Wall Stucco

Labor and Materials

Separate city permits

Additional city inspections

Oregon Solar Group’s Roofing Services:


During the installation process, our experts will condition parts of your roof by replacing only the sections that need attention only. By replacing only the affected tiles, we are able to maintain the uniform look of your roof, thus keeping the cosmetics of your home the same. We only use premium composite and asphalt to give your roof a polished look. After the partial re-roofing process, the solar panels will be mounted and installed.


For solar installation, the condition of your roof makes a big impact on the quality of the install. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration when evaluating the roof’s condition and the type materials the roof is made out of. During your consultation, one of our team members will do a thorough examination of your roof and will make the proper recommendations to maximize the benefits of your solar system.




Warranty – Oregon Solar Group’s  360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee

When it comes to making an investment in solar, we want to ensure that our customers are making the right decisions. At Oregon Solar Group, we offer full asset protection via our 360 Solar Asset Protection program. This guarantee begins the day you sign your agreement.

Oregon Solar Group promises to provide the highest engineering design and quality materials for each and every project. The components used in our installations have the industry’s highest life span. The warranties we offer are some of the best in the industry and cover your equipment and our work. We are so confident in our work that if we don’t deliver a quick installation, we will pay your electricity bills!*.

We are committed to offer the solar services in the Portland area. With our amazig warranties and Solar Asset Protection Guarantee, you will start seeing a return on your investment almost instantly.

Through our 20-year warranties on labor and equipment, bundled with the manufacturer warranties, you will have the confidence of knowing that you are being backed by 2 companies.

When it comes to safety and quality, we have one of the best track records when it comes to our leak and equipment failure ratio. Our engineers carefully craft each design to minimize the number of roof penetrations, thus keeping our leak and equipment failure ratio to almost zero percent.

Each and every solar system design is carefully created by our team of experienced engineers with simplicity in mind. This means that anyone will be able to repair or upgrade your system. After all, Solar was meant to be easy right?

With our extensive experience, team of industry-leading engineers and amazing warranties, Oregon Solar Group is Portland’s top Solar Installation company.