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Warning Issued to 800 Oregon Solar Energy Workers

A warning has been issued to workers from a Global Solar Business this week stating that either a plant closure or layoffs are imminent.

Letters have been issued this week to more than eight hundred company employees in Oregon who work for Solar World in a shock announcement, one which the impacts of are truly significant, enough so to worry almost all of its 800 employees at the production facility in Hillsboro, Oregon.

These letters have been sent out stating the either a closure of the plant or a mass layoff could be happening in as little as two months time. This is due to the fact the Solar Energy Business is question has managed to get itself into debt and did not have the money to pay off this debt in the US.

Solar World Operations in Oregon Will Carry On Regardless, For now

According to the Oregonian, the parent company of Solar World declared itself insolvent earlier this month on May 10th. By law, there is a requirement that means it must inform its staff, under the federal act known as WARN, to give them at least 60 days notice of mass layoffs.

Ben Santarris is the nominated spokesperson for Solar World. He has this week confirmed that the business would be carrying on working with all of their suppliers along with their customer base in order to ascertain what the ideal size of the business is going to be in the future.

Solar World AG is a German-based business with the production plant for its solar business located in Hillsboro, Oregon. In Germany, the business has already declared insolvency which is considered to be the same as bankruptcy earlier this month.

There has been mounting pressure on US-based manufacturers of solar, alongside Solar World for many years now. This is mostly due to the fact that China is able to offer the same product, but at a much lower price.

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