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If You are Considering Getting into Solar in Oregon – Now is The Time

As one of the most abundant energy resources in Oregon; Portland is classified as one of the top cities for solar energy in the US. As far as renewables go, Oregon ranks up there with the best of them.

A meeting was held in Portland just a few weeks ago on May 10th were top of the agenda was the future of energy in Oregon.

With the cost of production on the decline, and solar prices overall dropping, Oregon has generated a huge amount of interest in renewable energy. When looking across the US for places where there is the potential to expand, Oregon tops the list.

According to a representative from the Oregon Solar Energy Industries, the industry is going from strength to strength, and there is an extremely high standard here that is partnered with prices that are getting lower all the time. Jeff Bissonette from the OSEIA believes that it is great for both Oregon and business in the region.

In fact, they are even predicting there is going to be a solar evolution in Oregon and that businesses are going to benefit significantly from this. With an ambitious vision and a very clear notion of where they want to be within the next decade, the OSEIA has put a stake in the ground to say they were solar to make up at least 10% of the overall portion of energy in Oregon.

Even the Mayor from Milwaukie came to the convention of inspiration for him his own area. With Milwaukie looking to make a step into the world of solar soon, May Mark Gamba was also present and looking to connect and network with those in the solar sector. One of the goals set by the Mayor is to reach a net zero figure by the year 2040.
Due to the affordability of solar, experts have been quoted as stating this is now the best time to get involved with solar.

With the huge reduction in the cost of solar, it is so much more effective that ever before. A representative for Pine Gate Renewables does not believe the public have been penetrated yet. There is a significant opportunity to residents to take advantage of this, while being able to earn a little money for themselves through the production of electricity and also utilise energy that is being created in the US.

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