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Solar Eclipse Will Bring Millions to Oregon

Oregon Solar GroupMost people will have already heard about the solar eclipse that is set to take place later this year.
For the very first time in the entire history of the US, a total solar eclipse will be visible to only those who reside in the United States, as it crosses from coast to coast on the 21st August, 2017.
What is Happening, Where & When

At some point on the morning of August 21st, the sun will be completely blocked by the moon and leave around 12 states in America completely swamped with darkness, when it would have otherwise been daylight. It is expected that the solar eclipse will only last for around two minutes and it will be the very first of its kind, only visible to the US since history began.

If you are located in the North of America, then you will only see a partial eclipse of the Sun, but this will last for a couple of hours rather than a few minutes.

Oregon Named As One Of The Best Places To See The Solar Eclipse

Amongst a number of other places, Oregon has been singled out as one of the best places in the US to see the Solar Eclipse from. It has meant that out of the 1000 camp sites that are being set-up, some specifically just for this, most of these have been booked up really quickly. It is expected that more than one million people are set to turn up for this iconic event in August. There are also 30 additional campsites that are being auctioned-off in order raise funds for the Oregon State Parks Foundation, to take part in the action you can get the link from here: http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2017/05/30_more_solar_eclipse_campsite.html

The top three places in Oregon to see the solar eclipse will be Lime, Madras and Salem; that is, if the reporters at The Oregonian have got their facts right:

Oregon SolarFest

From the 17th-22rd August, Oregon is also playing host to the annual Oregon Solarfest, which conveniently falls around the same time as the eclipse, giving visitors to Oregon much more than they bargained for with Music, Entertainment, Shopping, Food and More, all taking place in the Madras Desert. https://www.oregonsolarfest.com/

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