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Hazelnut Grove Library Receives JuiceBox Solar Package

Oregon Solar GroupA group of high school students from Catlin Gabel private school has donated a number of JuiceBoxes to a homeless village in Portland. The JuiceBox is a specially made solar power pack that can provide light and also charging point for those who may want to charge their phones or their laptops. This group of students donated up to 20 of such boxes to this village and the Hazelnut Grove library located there was fortunate to receive one, which makes it easy for readers to read under good light when it is dark, and there is no natural or electrical light due to being off the grid.

The interior of the library is dark when the sun sets or when the weather is bad since the glass windows do not permit adequate ray of light into the old library, which was donated to the homeless village by the neighbors. The library is just an ornate wooden shed, but it is good enough to serve the needs of readers. The JuiceBox now makes reading in the library completely stress-free since they only need to switch it on to get adequate light radiating from the LED bulb installed in the solar package.

Brittany Bright will be one of the frontline beneficiaries of this comfort brought by JuiceBox. She is a resident there, and she has found solace in the library Now, she can stay on in the library and read for long even after sunset, thanks to JuiceBox.


The JuiceBox is an invention of the InvenTeam from Catlin Gabel private School. The invenTeam is a 12-member organization, and their focus is to solve several social issues via simple technology. The team is made up of engineering and robotic nerds with social justice-minded friends. The JuiceBox is just one of the several products they have come up with.

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