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New Solar Plant Largest in State

Oregon Solar GroupNew Solar Plant Largest in State

At 56 megawatts, the new solar power plant in Crook County, Oregon appears to be the largest in the state. The site is operated by SunPower, which has headquarters in San Jose, California.

In addition to operating utility-scale solar power plants, SunPower designs and manufactures solar panels, roof tiles and other solar-powered battery cells. The company has been working with solar energy since the 1970s, and they are considered to be the best solar panels in                                                                                       Oregon and beyond.

New plant to create hundreds of jobs during construction high point

The Gala Solar Power Plant has received the blessing of Governor Kate Brown — a political boon — and is expected to create about 300 jobs during construction.

The number of jobs, Brown said, proves that Crook County can bring further economic development to rural and urban communities alike while committing to renewable fuels and clean energy. Economic development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive ideals, Brown said.

The project was part of the fast-paced solar industry growth in 2016. The solar industry accounts for two percent of jobs in the U.S. Solar energy jobs increased in 44 states over the same time period.

Construction of the Gala Solar Power Plant in Oregon began in February and is expected to continue through next year. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2018 and brings welcome news for those in Oregon who are looking to buy solar panels, or those looking to invest in solar energy.

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