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Oregon 9th in Nation for Solar Panels

Oregon Solar GroupOregon 9th in Nation for Solar Panels

As the state of Oregon continued to invest in solar energy, it found itself rewarded with an industry report ranking it 9th in the nation. This is great news for homes in Oregon who are looking to buy solar panels.

Oregon has been at the forefront of alternative energy before, investing heavily in wind power more than 10 years ago.

Oregon jumps 16 states in a single year

Between July and September, 84 megawatts worth of solar panels were installed throughout the state, generating at least 1 megawatt. That’s the same as 250 residential-sized rooftop solar power setups. The energy they generate is sold to other power utilities or corporate customers.

Because of that investment, Oregon rose 16 spots from its original ranking as 25th in the nation. The reason for the increase? Heavy investment in solar programs in the fall of 2016 is largely responsible, while demand from homeowners looking to invest in solar energy has helped too.

At that time, 78 megawatts worth of solar energy systems was installed throughout Oregon. This was made possible by a federal law that helps solar power developers sell their product to energy utilities.

Utilities are required by law, known as the Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act, to purchase from alternative energy sources, if the cost is lower than what it would have cost for the utility to make the power on its own.
Solar power providers have been able to meet those cost requirements lately, because of the declining cost of solar power. The southern and eastern portions are a big enough resource to impact the price of solar, allowing developers to provide the energy at lower prices.

Solar installations nationwide total about 4,143 megawatts.


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